Thursday, October 11, 2007

50th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival

Biff Smith recently performed with Along Came Betty at the 50th Annual Monterey Jazz Festival. The set featured a collection of original tunes written by Biff.


Martin Kaplan said...

Hi, Biff:

I hope you had a great summer back east. Susan and I are both retired and currently in Valencia, Spain. We are here until the end of October.


Vivi said...

Uh... Biff Smith! Holy Cow! Where the heck are you? CA or on the East Coast? I'm heading out to CA (Carmel Valley) early next week and then driving cross country with a friend (to Maine), then back down to Nashville- would love to say howdy in person! Think of you often as The Adventures of Dawgie-Cat (the amazing tree climbing dog) are some of my kids' favorites! I have to admit, I've embellished the legend a bit!
Hope all is well-
Vivi Stevenson Miller
(Foxcroft '81)
I believe my email address is available to you.

Thais said...

Dear Biff,
I was one of your students in 5-week summer program 11 years ago. But I still remember you as one of my greatest teacher ever! I'm Thais, a pianist from Brasil. Anyway I'm glad to find you and to listen to your recordings! Warm regards, Thais

Matthew Hilton-Dennis said...

Hi Biff! This will probably come as a bolt out of the blue, but it's Matthew Hilton-Dennis here, one of your old English students from Brighton College. Sue and Jo only had your postal address and this seems the only way I can get hold of you at short notice. I am currently travelling through California and Oregon with my wife Sarah and we are staying around the Big Sur for the next few days before heading north to Sonoma and wine country. I think you call Pebble Beach home so if you're free and about in the next few days, we would love to drop in and see you. This coming Sunday or Monday would be best even if only for a coffee and some card tricks! Great to see your jazz career is in full bloom and I wonder if you are still teaching? I can be contacted at or on 0044 7826764928. Hope you are very well and to seeing you soon! All best, Matthew